Before start

If you use this tool for free, take time to support my work with GitHub sponsor.
I made a bet to open source all the code I built here.
I could have kept it for myself and put a high ticket price.
Instead, I want to make it an open and transparent business.
I do think it would make our world a better place by opening instead of fighting and hiding.
To make it possible, it is necessary for all of us to do our part, including you 🥹.
If Capgo cloud offer can't suit you, back a bootstrapped Maker HERE on your own terms.

Quick install

npm install @capgo/capacitor-updater
npx cap sync


Add this to your config, to disable auto update:
// capacitor.config.json
"appId": "**.***.**",
"appName": "Name",
"plugins": {
"CapacitorUpdater": {
"autoUpdate": false
Then add this code to your app to use manual download
import { CapacitorUpdater } from '@capgo/capacitor-updater'
import { SplashScreen } from '@capacitor/splash-screen'
import { App } from '@capacitor/app'
let data = {version: ""}
App.addListener('appStateChange', async(state) => {
if (state.isActive) {
// Do the download during user active app time to prevent failed download
data = await{
version: '0.0.4',
url: '',
if (!state.isActive && data.version !== "") {
// Do the switch when user leave app
try {
await CapacitorUpdater.set(data)
} catch (err) {
SplashScreen.hide() // in case the set fail, otherwise the new app will have to hide it
⚠️ If you send a broken update, the app will revert to the last working version, or the one include with the native build, if none works.

Demo app

Check the demo app for more info


Whatever you choose to name the file you download from your release/update server URL, the zip file should contain the full contents of your production Capacitor build output folder, usually {project directory}/dist/ or {project directory}/www/.
This is where index.html will be located, and it should also contain all bundled JavaScript, CSS, and web resources necessary for your app to run.
Do not password encrypt this file, or it will fail to unpack.
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