From V3 to V4

After many talk in the discord community with you. I discover the manual mode was very too manual and not safe to use, as example auto-revert was not possible, so if you failed update in manual the user have to remove the app and install back, what is terrible UX.
Meanwhile, I took this as an opportunity to give more freedom to you, and remove all bad code I made.

npm i @capgo/[email protected]

if you use the basic example in your app, you are safe to migrate to the new version, enjoy!

For you, still simple, the changes are:
  • The name of the setting from autoUpdateUrl in updateUrl
  • The Endpoint method change from GET to POST

For you, this is the most significant changes, but for the best! You get tons of improvements, Read carefully.

  • autoUpdateUrl become updateUrl since this setting can be use in manual mode now too
  • Delete of cancelDelay and delayUpdate in favor of setDelay
  • No more versionName in set
  • Change version key, who was returned in most function to object BundleInfo
interface BundleInfo {
id: string;
version: string;
downloaded: string;
status: 'success' | 'error' | 'pending' | 'downloading'
  • Renamed of misleading names now (even to explain cannot be clear, but at usage is easy to understand the new one):
    • what was called a version is now referring to a bundle
    • id refer to the old version who was a random string of 10 char, this id is the only trustable and unique way to access to your bundles, example 7Dfcd2RedN.
    • version refer now to the versionName you choose for a bundle, example 1.0.0
  • updateUrl move from get to post, since custom headers were a problem to some of you and post is more logical, all previous headers go to the body and prefix cap_ disappear.
  • versionName method is deleted, in favor of getId
  • list returns now a list of BundleInfo
  • Rename getId in getDeviceId
  • autoUpdate become true by default, if you use Manual mode set it to false.

  • Method getLatest, this method allow you to get from your server set with updateUrl the last version available.
  • Method setDelay who take {kind: "background" | "kill" | "nativeVersion" | "date", value? : string} as argument to set delay to different modes.
  • Method next, to set the version in next backgrounding, in opposite to set who do it instantly.
  • Method isAutoUpdateEnabled, to let you know if you are in auto-update context
  • Event downloadComplete when download reach 100%
  • Added mandatory field version in download method
  • notifyAppReady become mandatory in manual mode too, if not call after 10 sec the app revert to past version

@lincolnthree Thank you so much for starting this work, it was impossible to make this update work without you.
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